A Country Boy Against the Evil Empire: Ronald Reagan (1911-2004)

Schmidt, Mária (ed.)

The peoples of Eastern Europe will never forget the grave, responsible and loving tone Ronald Reagan used when speaking about us and our suffering. The 40th President of the United States defended humanity's noblest concept, freedom, with stubborn gentleness. Many of us behind the Iron Curtain, who had already given up hope of liberation or saw the yearned for "collapse" eventuating only in the distant future, perhaps in the time of our grandchildren, were heartened by his wisdom, his grasp of the essential and his endearing sense of humor. Ronald Reagon did not give up on us, but went on the warpath, and almost single-handedly won the soul-destroying "cold war". It is strange and reassuring how occasionally the Almighty bestows such a huge task and the necessary strength on a single individual! In vain did so many in the West try to poison people's minds, stating that, despite its millions of victims, the Soviet Union was morally superior! Ronald Reagan was the one who, with a single, incisive word, described what an empire that disregards the individual's hopes, sensibilities and beliefs is: evil.

XX. Century Institute and Office of History, Budapest, 2011.
207 pages
ISBN: 978-615-5118-02-9

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