The Future of Europe – V4 - Strength and Unity

Nagy, Katerina (ed.)

The importance of national identity, the preservation of traditional Christian culture, the dan-ger of mass and illegal migration, the preservation of economic competitiveness or technologi-cal innovation, the challenges of artificial intelligence - these issues have never been so rele-vant in the European intellectual arena. The present volume contains edited versions of the presentations delivered at an international conference held in Budapest on May 23-24, 2018.

These essays provide evidence of the high quality of the contributions to the symposium.
The conference was organized on behalf of the Hungarian Government by the Public Foundation for Research on Central and Eastern European History and Society on the occasion of the V4 Hungarian Presidency.

Közép- és Kelet-európai Történelem és Társadalom Kutatásáért Közalapítvány, 2019
264 pages
3100 HUF
ISBN 978-615-5118-87-6

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